A person that gets back stabbed, or betrayed by a friend. This can include groups of people or just a single person.
"Man, i just got Talal'd by my best friend :("
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is a person that is awesome in every single way, and is a badass, and has a cock bigger than yazeed's.
Talal is Stronger than Yazeed
by Talaljz March 30, 2018
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a gentle giant - quite famous with the ladies, pimpish tendencies. Wears heart on sleeve, therefore have many wives. Talals normally have soft hearts.
"Yo when I grow up I want to be a talal so i can have all the girls"
by Greg1 June 26, 2008
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A man that sucks penis for a cheap price. He enjoys bombing people when he is in a plane. He has one on one sex with a man named Mr. Meillo. This is verified. Also he is black.
Wow, Talal, You have a verified small penis-boner.
by Talalipop January 11, 2019
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talal is a very sexy man with a 6 pack of abs and big muscles, he gets alllll the pussy and all the guys are jealous of him. he has never and will never lose a fight in his life. he loves to drive and listen to music. he is very smart and ever one wants to be talal
omg why can’t i just be a talal
by sexy amazing man w 9 inch cock January 27, 2019
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