A large group of of people who pretend to know how to drive cars, but can only drive in a circle
Hey bro, did you go to the Takeover last night?
by OgTallGiraffe January 19, 2021
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When during the process of calling the shotgun seat in a car, if a second party calls "blitz", the first party may then call"takeover", which enables him to use physical force to reclaim his rights to the shotgun seat.

Calling "takeover" renders any subsequent call of "wizardry' null and void.
John: "Hey guys, lets grab lunch, we'll take my car."

Mark: "Shotgun"

Ben: "Blitz!" (proceeds to sprint to the car like an annoying little kid)

Mark: "Takeover!" (Pushes Ben out of the way and gets into front passenger seat)

Frank: "Wizardry!"

Mark: "Shut up Frank, u can't use wizardry after someone calls takeover, and its a stupid rule anyway."
by Jackman504 June 5, 2011
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(BUSINESS) when a corporate raider attempts to take control of a corporation against the will of the management. Takeover requires a leveraged buyout typically financed with junk bonds.

The corporate raider requires a takeover vehicle to launch a hostile takeover. The takeover vehicle is usually another corporation controlled by the raider, although in recent years ESOPs have been used (e.g., Tribune Corp., 2007). The vehicle buys up a lot of shares of the target company's stock on the market, then announces it wants to acquire a controlling interest.

Management opposes the takeover bid. It can (a) challenge the legality of the takeover, (b) adopt a charter that makes it hard for the takeover vehicle to run the company it's proposing to buy (a poison pill), (c) seek another buyer that is more favorable (a white knight), or (d) borrow a ton of money and buy so many shares that the stock price goes up.

The raider makes a tender offer for the shares he doesn't own. At a certain point, he may acquire sufficient control that he can legally challenge the target's management to step down.

The management can use (a) or (b) successfully, or it can use (e), viz., launch a hostile takeover bid of the target vehicle. The raider can lose of lot of money if a lot of shareholders have accepted his tender offer.
Prior to 1980, the hostile takeover was unknown; banks would never lend money for such a scheme. For one thing, the risks were ridiculous. For another, "success" would hurt way too many people.

Everything changed when Michael Milken revolutionized the junk bond market, allowing raiders to attempt deals that violated sound business judgment. The defeated company was compelled to pay for its own conquest.
by Sorry, the good guys lost September 4, 2010
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An iPhone Takeover occurs when the random spell-check completely screws up the message you were texting/e-mailing and ends up making your entire message mean something differenttake on a new meeting...
I sent a text to my boss that was a total iPhone Takeover. Instead of him thinking I was on my way back from picking up my daughter Syd, I told him I was on my way back from picking up an STD...
by Coribea July 31, 2010
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A swinger event that usually involves a group of swingers renting out a floor or a whole hotel for swinger events.
Dude, did you see that couple I banged at the last hotel takeover? They were hott.
by swingercoupleinma September 23, 2018
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When an employer secretly sells his/her business to a third-party without ever publicly acknowledging the fact to the employees of said business.
What happened to that old kvetcher, Max? He's looking all guilty and secretive... I mean, more than usual.

Haven't you heard? He subjected his art gallery to a Dutch takeover, now there's a guy he introduces to people as his new business "partner".
by nygcw February 19, 2010
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When a bunch of traffic-ass cars go to an Amazon warehouse parking lot to do donuts in a Chevy Suburban and all the kids think it is drifting
"Bro are you going to the car takeover later?"
"nah bro, my mom said she needs to use the elantra tonight, let me know if the cops come"
by Walmartboadrider November 19, 2020
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