1. A guy that's way too fast having sex, a premature ejaculator.

2. Something you say to a girl after having unsatisfying sex, often adding 'It'll last longer.'

This works on so many levels, the receiver of the insult will probably not even know it's an insult!
We call our friend Chris 'Take a Picture'. Because we heard after he has sex, the girl wants to 'Take a Picture... It'll last longer.
by Jack Dreesen May 26, 2004
Trying to make to vying male primates friends again after consistently cucking one.
She was taking the picture.
by gopadres6969 April 22, 2019
When a hot female intentionally sits on a chair with her legs spread very wide to cause her target to stare with a shit-eating grin.
Look out now Fats, that fox in the short skirt is taking your picture.
by Webster's Dic January 2, 2011
A phrase people say when someone creeping stares way too hard at a person or an object.
Girl: "Damn, why is he staring so fucking creepy at me?"
Girl's friend: "Take A Picture, It Lasts Longer!"
Girl: "Freak!"
by therealchronicles February 16, 2020
Phrase used by asians to command someone to take a piture.
As the chink caught sight of the monument, he exclaimed to his zipperhead friend "take picture!".
by Bachass June 11, 2006