Takayuki is only the greatest frontman, producer, and guitarist ever to live and

breathe at the same time. No man or god can outshred Takayuki, outriff Takayuki,

or be more melodious and beautiful than Takayuki. He is a true guitar hero, and

adorable as a million kittens. Takayuki mixes energetic punk riffs with intense metal distortion and shred solos that would bring fags like Yngwie Malmsteen to tears. More than that, he's very well known for firing all his bandmates every year or so.
I would totally go gay for Takayuki.
by lolbuttdicks September 7, 2009
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An individual who is a complete gentleman, while having the ability to pull mad chicks 247
Frequently ends up in dumb situations, often called a venomous snake
I wish I was Takayuki
I wish I was not Takayuki
by TSakaGentleman February 26, 2019
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