Takayuki is only the greatest frontman, producer, and guitarist ever to live and

breathe at the same time. No man or god can outshred Takayuki, outriff Takayuki,

or be more melodious and beautiful than Takayuki. He is a true guitar hero, and

adorable as a million kittens. Takayuki mixes energetic punk riffs with intense metal distortion and shred solos that would bring fags like Yngwie Malmsteen to tears. More than that, he's very well known for firing all his bandmates every year or so.
I would totally go gay for Takayuki.
by lolbuttdicks September 7, 2009
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Takayuki Yagami - the protagonist of Judgment & Lost Judgment.
Judges eyes in japan.

a former defense attorney at Genda Law Office & the Director of the Yagami Detective Agency, where he works as

private investigation.

Yagami has a slim athletic build, which allows him to move with fluidity & grace while fightin.

His default outfit is a black zip up leather moto jacket over a fitted white tee-shirt, blue medium wash washed out skinny jeans that are distressed around the knees, & white low-top sneakers. He also wears a wireless earpiece in his right ear. Chain wallet to prevent it from being stolen.

in court, he wears a gray tweed 2-piece suit with a red & white regimental striped necktie, brown dress shoes, with his attorney pin on his lapel.

Yagami is a master of various martial arts. In Judgment, he uses 2 styles , Tiger & Crane , ; in Tiger is an offensive style for fighting 1-on-1, while Crane is a reactive style designed for dealing with groups. Yagami's Tiger style also seems to have some elements of Bajiquan, due to its elbow techniques. Yagami is proficient in both hand-2-hand & blunt-weapon-based melee combat, but he won't use bladed weapons or firearms.

His Snake style , is a counter-based style ideal for dealing with armed opponents.

Boxer style can use high-speed flurries of traditional boxing moves such as jabs, straights, hooks & haymakers.
Takayuki yagami is the main protagonist of

Sega's Judgement / judges eyes which

Was made by the same people who did
Yakuza / Like a Dragon , Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios.

Yagami is fiercely idealistic , has strong principles.

He learned the basics of Kung Fu as a child from his father but his style was primarily created through his experiences on the streets of Kamurocho.

When developing Yagami, the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio team wanted to create a new type of main character following the release of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, which finished story of series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. In contrast to the Kiryu's strong, heroic presence, Yagami is meant to be a more relatable character due to his troubled life.
Takayuki Yagami is a former defense attorney who resigns after a client he successfully defended kills their partner. 3 years later, Yagami is a private detective in his own "Yagami Detective Agency" (八神探偵事務所, Yagami Tantei Jimusho)

Early versions of Yagami's character model & movesets were found in Yakuza Kiwami 2's files.
by Blu_leef February 9, 2023
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The main protagonist of the video game Judgment who is called Takayuki Yagami, in other words, my boyfriend.
by takayukiyagamisboyfriend August 12, 2023
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An individual who is a complete gentleman, while having the ability to pull mad chicks 247
Frequently ends up in dumb situations, often called a venomous snake
I wish I was Takayuki
I wish I was not Takayuki
by TSakaGentleman February 26, 2019
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