Tai tai (太太) is a Chinese colloquial term for a wealthy married woman who does not work. It is the same as the Cantonese title for a married woman.
I wish I had a Tai Tai life OR she is lunching with the Tai Tai's
by MR_HK June 19, 2015
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Chinese colloquial term for a housewife married to a rich man. Similar to trophy wife. Used mainly in Singapore and Hong Kong. Her main duties include raising successful kids, looking good into her 30s, 40s and 50s and of course sucking her husband's dick.
John: Man, that lady is an absolute tai tai!
Mark: Absolutely, she's probably giving him morning head everyday to earn that Versace dress.
by Stephler2020 May 20, 2020
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1.beautiful girl, nice often small height
2.tater tots
3.a little turd that is short and looks good enough to eat
1.kevin:wow tay tay your so nice i can just eat you
kevin:as matter of a fact i will, yumm

2.tay tay:hey kevin
kevin:hey tay tay your beautiful
tay tay: thanks kevin your a dan
kevin:whats a dan?
tay tay:dope ass nigga!!
by kevin guzman December 27, 2007
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a very delicate blonde boy with skinny calves and pretty eyes but could use an eyebrow trim...enjoys things that glow
man did you see tay tay playing glow frisbee today?
yeah man he needs a eyebrow trim.
by meredith-sierra November 9, 2010
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A girl who is very similar to Snooki in both personality and height. Is lovable in every way possible. Likes to party and sometimes has moodswings. Has a sidekick very similar to JWOWW.
"Did you see that Tay Tay? Man I want to party with her."
by The Mary to your Jane October 4, 2011
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only the BIGGEST BITCH ever to talk they face of this planet. she is the ohysical manisfistaion of the devil himself. if you ever meet her you should run for the hills because she will rip out your fucking hear and then throw it into her gigantic gaping vagina like the fucking wormhold that it is.
"damn tay tay is the biggest bitch that i have ever met!"
by The Gus Bus May 5, 2009
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