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This is a name used in the Arab and Islamic world.

It has several definitions but can mean the following:
Enhance, Improve, Praise, Enrich, etc.

Mostly found in countries like Bangladesh and Turkey.
In Arabic, it is spelled تَحْسِيْن. The pronunciation of this name is the trickiest part that many people of the western world have trouble with, even though it is very simple:
The T is the T in procrasTinate, the A is pronounced like the U in rUnning, and the H like in the word Hot.

Then just pronounce the 'sin' part like with scene or like when you say 'movie scene'. Please make sure never to pronounce the 'sin' like in the word 'sin'.
Example 1:

Tahsin: Hello, my name is Tahsin. Anyone who is named Tahsin is too good to describe here.

Example 2:
Caucasian teacher: Frank?
Frank: Here.
Caucasian teacher: Jeff?
Jeff: Here.
Caucasian teacher: ooh, this one is a tricky one... Uh... Toh-sin?
Tahsin: It's تَحْسِيْن
by Remember_Harambe December 28, 2017
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a male moslem name commonly used in asia minor meaning reliable and truthful.

people with this name are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs,

and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect their private lives and relationships.
Tahsin is pronounced like the tah in Waratah and sin like the word sinbad.
by quiteclearly April 12, 2010
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Hide your boyfriend or girlfriend.. Tahsin is here to woo everyone. Tahsin seems so innocent, but truthfully, is not. Tahsin is Mr or Ms. Steal ya girl or boy. Tahsins quite a rollercoaster as well. Tahsin seems as tough as a rock, but truthfully is a HOT MESS. Tahsin is also weird as fuck.
Tahsin: It was nice meeting you guys!
*adults leave*
Rahan: Can I have your soda?
Tahsin: LOL. No.
by MayaIsBaeLikeCupcakes August 21, 2017
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Also known as T-Akboi who’s now part of OVO, this mandem been staining other mans shordys along with their rarest Pokémon cards. You better keep your mouth shut or the mandem gon give you a defeaz. Hard on the track and on the bed, this man gets girls easily and managed to look fly everyday. Wish I was Tahsin cause he fine af
Yo careful with your shordy, Tahsin bouta stain her heart and your mewtwo Pokémon card
by Nottahsin December 15, 2017
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Tahsin is a unisex name used throughout Southern Asia I.e. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc
Tahsin is either fat or skinny, they are never average weight, they can be complete jerks and lieing assholes however they are very good and fun to hang around with outside, but in the inside the summon of the devil! They also have an Indian accent
He's tahsin, he's very smart
by CoolNamer633 April 25, 2017
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Tahsin is a very hot and sexy girl. You better hide your boyfriend because she’s here to steal them. She is a very intelligent and smart person. She will always be there for those who she trusts. She gives some of the best advice and you’d be lucky to have her in your life. Though she gets mad quite fast and has some attitude. She extremely loyal and has a great and funny personality.
Omg it’s “tahsinyou better hide
by The True Nature December 25, 2019
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