Basically, when a person says " Mind your business", turn to your bestie. Tell them to tag me in. Then say " It's my business now. So what up"
" You saw ya bestie arguing with a basic bitch who obviously wants that smoke. You come up to them and ask whats wrong. The basic bitch said to mind your business. You turn to your bestie and said tag me in"
You: its my business now bitch. So what up.
by chick1234 June 7, 2018
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Being tagged on Facebook in a picture. If tagged, you will appear in a picture from someone elses album.
When I was talking to my friend Malcolm, I asked him to tag me on facebook when he got the chance. The next day, I had more photos.
by Billy Cordes August 12, 2006
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Asking to be tagged in a picture, action, place, person, or thing and being thankful for that tag.
Hey that milkshake looks tasty. Tag me in that, thanks.
by TeamFireCrotch June 2, 2009
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The facebook-inspired phrase for when you like something. A lot. If it were a photo, you'd want to be all over that.
Hey gurl, I just got tickets to see Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Gurl, tag me in that photograph!
by dariababygurl October 20, 2011
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Something you would exclaim after a picture has been taken and you would rather it not end up on Facebook or some other social networking sites.
Person 1: What was that flash?
Person 2: Wtf pictures? Don't tag me bro!
by SUP3RCANS1R February 21, 2009
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similar to asking to not be 'tased, bro', this is said when at a sketchy party and everyones taking pictures that will inevitably end up on the facebook.
omgz get together and hold those bottles high... alright.. but "DON'T TAG ME BRO!"
by evan scott May 6, 2008
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