also used and spoken as "Mind your Own Business" used when someone is interfering with your thoughts, actions, choices or point of view/s.

it's used to defend(yourself or someone else)

to mind your own business is to focus on your OWN body, mind, choices, point of views etc.... unless your a parent (then the purpose would be to mind yourself and child or children)

to be used with no explanation neccessary
(statement: I can not believe you said what you said to your boss the other day)
response "mind your own buisness"

(Q) why did you get that color shirt the orange one looks better

(Response: Mind your Business) with no explanation necessary
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022
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Worrying about anyone but yourself
"Girl did you hear.."

"You need to be minding your business!"
by pettyparms May 11, 2017
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It means to worry about your mother fucking self . And to stay out of other real niggas business
Fuck person: Samantha is a hoe . I heard she was...
Real nigga: Stfu and mind your fucking business
by Trillwally December 16, 2015
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To focus on your own life and ignore the lives of others. To refrain from judging, investigating, and mind others people business. To stop being judgemental about others because you know how hard it is to have a good life, so you Mind Your Business. And work on your life instead.
Juana: (sits and works on her homework) She is minding her own business.
Mike: Hey Juana, what you doing? ( Mike is not minding his own business)
Juana: I'm minding my own business while you are not minding your own business.
by Puerto Rican Unicorn July 25, 2023
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Mind Your Own Business
In Other Words:
Leave me the fuck alone, this situation has nothing to do with your ass.
"Mind Your Own Business."
by th3v1rg1ng1rl September 3, 2021
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