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Don’t listen to your biology lessons, tadpoles are frog sperm
by holamisamigos March 19, 2018
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A beautiful, perfect British male. He’s sweet, kind, funny and humble. There is nothing bad about this precious boy.
His eyes are so beautiful, they clam swallow you up in one glance. His hair is perfect no matter what style it’s in, quiff or buzz cut.

His singing voice is so perfect, there are no faults to it. It’s just as perfect live as it is in a recording studio.
He’s a member of the band Bastille, a British alternative group with the hit single Pompeii and the hit albums, Bad Blood and Wild World.

Other members of this fantastic band are Kyle Simmons, Chris ‘Woody’ Wood and Will Farquarson.
All in all, Dan Smith is the perfect guy that anyone could ask for
Dan Smith is perfect
by holamisamigos August 27, 2018
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when you feel like insulting a man, use this emoji to tell them their dick size x
men: being trash
me: 🤏🤏
by holamisamigos October 30, 2019
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