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Slang word used to describe a Latino that is ratchet in a sense.
Typically ones that drive dropped trucks.
Always use “cuh” in every sentence.
Wears American Fighter clothing with cowboy boots.
Listens to Narco corridos.
Drinks Buchanan’s.
Swears they works for a cartel but really they work in a 9-5.
Uses their father’s trucks to go to truck meets.
Usually have a sticker on truck of the truck group they belong in.
“There goes a tacuache in a dropped truck burning tire.”

“Vamos a quemar llanta cuh.”

Tlacuache; Spanish word for opossum.

Tacuache: a derogatory term for a certain type of Latino.

Tacuaches: A person of latino descent that acts in a hot shot manner.
by Road ranger September 24, 2019
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