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Thinly Veiled Gym Status

A form of status update that gym-goers will use to subtlety tell everyone that they go to the gym, by attempting to hide it in a status about something else.
Status: On the way to the gym this morning and saw a man get hit by a motorbike! Luckily he was okay
Comment: TVGS!

"Just want the next payday to hurry up - can't afford my gym membership this month"

"Loving the new (Shitty Modern Pop Song) track by (Shit Artist) came on at the gym earlier"
by AnneHiroPlease March 10, 2015
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Tragic Chinese Gayness-- A highly contagious disease which usually targets individuals of Asian decent. This rare illness attacks the brain specifically, the limbic system, also known as the "emotional brain" The disease will cause an individual, usually male, to feel stronger and stronger sexually towards the same sex. This infection also targets the reproductive system, targeting males with "tuna can" penis'(one that is fatter than it is wide). One must begin seeking treatment as soon as one notices any of the symptoms. Treatments: Therapy, Bible studies, Nirvana/Enlightnment meditation.
When my friend Tom got T.V.G we all became fairly timid around him and quickly aided him in going through the recuperation process.
by YOunC February 07, 2011
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