Escort/John slang, means Tongue Up My Ass.
After we did TUHA (Tongue Up Her Ass), we did TUMA.
by SoupNazzi March 23, 2005
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TUMA stands for Thumb up my ass. This is said when waiting for someone for a long time, who doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
Person 1: I'm coming just let me to this one thing.
Person 2: You aren't coming, you've been there with me waiting here forever.
Person 1: No, I'm coming just wait a second.
Person 2: Come on! I'm waiting with my TUMA!
by AlcoholicsAnonymous January 20, 2016
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Traditional name of Wayuu necklaces. They could be made from coral, archaeological leaf’s main rib, gold and all these combined.
+ What did you bring to her as a gift?
- Tuma necklace.
by Mr. Clever May 25, 2019
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tumas is a scary lookin dude!! but once you get to know him....he’s still scary but he gives great advice and treats you like a little brother regardless of gender. he also won’t stop talking about stocks.
“that guy gave me some awesome advice on how to invest
“oh yeah that’s the homie tumas, he’s the goat
by crumm January 3, 2021
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someone who loves breaking things and has the traits of a pig.
by Manchestertonfieldville March 26, 2012
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Doctor: *fingers patient and feels a bump*
The Bump: *you a fucking Anal Tuma
by Joey Gobbless March 23, 2018
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Someone who smokes 10 packs of cigarettes out of their asshole while smoking pot after snorting 12Oz of crushed sleeping pills
Person1: yo dude, you should do the Dirty Tuma
Person2: Fuck that! im not trying to kill myself
Person1: I'll give you $100
Person2: ight bet
by AuxCord January 25, 2022
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