To become so cativated by another individual that you ignore all common sense, reasoning or rules.
She had his head up her ass so far that he didn't recall his responsibilities he was supposed to care for.
by Romello A-Z January 18, 2012
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To be extremely lucky, either by escaping an otherwise gruesome fate, or by living an easy life.

"Horseshoe up his ass" has the same meaning for a man.
If Paris Hilton didn't have a horseshoe up her ass, she'd be just another crackwhore on Skid Row.
by hesby August 28, 2009
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Describes a female that acts too stiff or strict towards other individuals and can drive you crazy if you spend too much time with her since she is so annoying. Usually raised by a stern family that made her watch documentaries on boring crap and has friends that also have sticks up their anal holes as well, if any friends at all. No one likes this girl and if they could they would wish her off the face of the earth. Also this girl never curses or uses slang, for that would not be proper. Uses too good of English and Grammar, as well as long vocabulary/old school talk. If you are one of these people with a rod up your rear end you should go get some therapy and loosen up to have fun once in a while. End of story.
Girl with Stick up her Ass- "Did you see that documentary on the paper clip last night? It was so interesting, I watched it with my parents while eating fat-free popcorn."
Boy- "Dude, you need to get a life and not be so proper. No one thinks you're cool, including me, and need to pull the stick out of your ass hole reallll soon."
Girl with Stick up her Ass- "Why that would be obscure and insensitive of me! I am going to tell my parents on you now!"
Boy- (thinking to himself) 'Wow that girl has such a stick up her ass. She needs to chill the fuck out!'
by imtalkingtoyoulistentome May 16, 2010
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What you say when you're in the middle of a story and realize no one's listening.
I'm sitting at the dinner table, telling my girlfriends family about how we met. As I'm getting to the funny part, i realize no one's listening, so i abruptly finish with "and then i fucked her up the ass!"
by goodlord! October 6, 2015
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