2 definitions by Joey Gobbless

Doctor: *fingers patient and feels a bump*
The Bump: *you a fucking Anal Tuma
by Joey Gobbless March 23, 2018
One of the more gritty underground roasts, please use with extreme caution. May cause recipient to go into an anaphylactic shock, epileptic fit and or straight up seizure. Other side effects which have been known to be a consequence of this insult includes full-blown autism or an addition of a chromosome.
Sarah: Your mother is a child-beating, cheap whorewho has achieved nothing manage to trap a man to have a child with her, a massive mistake... you. That mistake is you, you unloved virgin.

Janet: your sister a mister lol

Sarah: *Develops autism and literally fucking dies from her throat closing up*
by Joey Gobbless March 23, 2018