* strictly asian
* hot, sexxi, cute, & attractive
* sillybutt
* a jerk at times, but overall sweet
* workout addict
* the chillest, most laid-back guy with dark hair, dark brown eyes, and yummy muscles!
* easy to love & an amazing boyfriend

trung, asian, hot, workout, boyfriend
by Wifeybearxo September 12, 2009
a sexy lil rice boy with a nice, firm ass
"damn he's looking so trung"
"that trung is SO hot right now"
"oh it's another trung from springvale"
by Tracee May 10, 2004
a young man with Great PoWer and WisDom...who totally kiCKs aSs!~@!!
"Trung is going to conquer the world one day..."

"Don't MeSs wiTh TRUNG!"
by NHTT April 15, 2006
A word that can mean anything. A word also capable of meaning everything.
"Trunge off you big asshole." "Can i get a slice of trunge?"
by Mitch Otto December 20, 2008
1) To have the whole world at your fingertips and to fuck it up.

2) To mess up anything he/she touches.
He trunged us.
I was nearly trunged in life.
by aeo1712 August 15, 2012
Strong Sexy man, and his steroids are rice. he is a sexy little rice boy
Trung is so sexy
by Noodle826 January 9, 2017
Asian weapon used by ninjas; bores the enemy to death with unnecessary information
In the middle of the battle, the ninjas were losing, so they pulled out their TRUNGs and took the war in the blink of an eye; all the enemies were asleep plugging their ears.
by wow'er June 26, 2009