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* strictly asian
* hot, sexxi, cute, & attractive
* sillybutt
* a jerk at times, but overall sweet
* workout addict
* the chillest, most laid-back guy with dark hair, dark brown eyes, and yummy muscles!
* easy to love & an amazing boyfriend

by Wifeybearxo September 11, 2009

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A chewy, delicious phenomenon that makes your heart and belly smile no matter what mood you are in.

Best eaten head first!

The tasty love of your life.
GREEN is yummiest of them all!

Oh, I'm a Gummybear!
Yes I'm a Gummybear!
Oh, I'm a yummy, chummy, funny, lucky, Gummybear!
I am a jelly bear, 'cause I'm a Gummybear!
Oh I'm a movin', groovin', jammin', singin' Gummybear!
I'm going to chew your little Gummybear head off!

Gummybear shrieks*

by Wifeybearxo March 03, 2011

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