To give someone a ride. It used to be used in the context of the bicycle, when you rode and had your passenger sitting on the handlebars. Now it applies to any form of transportation where a person getting a ride is getting the "tow", including cars, motorcycles, shopping carts, etc.
Yo son, I need a tow. Come scoop me, I need you to shoot me to the mall.
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Some stupid kid said two is spelled Tow
Me:hey Sam how do you spell two
by The Draco April 27, 2018
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Your significant other and dependents (children). People with whom an individual is responsible for or to, immediate family. In the tone of ;ball and chain'.
Sever your tow for one nite and show your boys you're still da man.

by TechnoMaven August 20, 2003
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Motivation for and adv. of going tow. & disadvantages not to is for all that glitters is not gold as verbs & nouns matching with same letters i.e. all that attracts are not alchemic magnets;
Uncomsg. Picking up fruit dream, Finding & accumulating things dream; Words finally not accepted z Mint, parsley, honey, ginger and garlic; thus having deviated off the topic tow. discrepancy.
by Hercolena Oliver July 04, 2010
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