That great girl who can just chill and be 'one of the guys'. She's into sports, beer, action flicks and doesn't give a damn what others think.
However, unlike the tomboy, she has her gang of girl mates who she shops with and does girly stuff.
When attractive, this girl is mysterious and elusive. Acts aloof and gives off the 'cool girl' aura, like she's very aware of both guys' and girls' worlds.
Ally, she's a real guy's girl
by Quin5 November 8, 2006
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A mix between tomboy and girly girl. Hangs out with mainly guys and has boyish interests, whether it be sports of comics, or boyish taste in films and tv. But still keeps a group of girl mates to shop with, watch chick flicks with and gossip about boys. She is usually the only girl in a group of guys. The guys talk openly in front of her and she wouldn't be out of place going to a strip club with them. A guy's girl enjoys the freedom guys have in farting, eating disgusting food and in how they discuss sex, but still likes to look and feel like a woman.
girlfriend: "why do you always have to hang around with {insert name of guy's girl}"
boyfriend: "she's just one of the boys"
by Being One Of The Boys November 26, 2009
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A young female (usually in her late teens/early twenties but exceptionally delusional ones can be older) who thinks she's cool enough to hang with and "just be one of the guys". Has convinced herself that all the guys who hang with her don't want to just fuck her and that she's unique and cool and not just another flaky mercurial female. Can often be seen telling guys how unique and cool she is and that she's just one of the guys (which is something that guys never ever do with other guys unless they're like gay or something).
Hannuh thinks she's a guy's girl but the guys who hang with her just want to fuck her otherwise they would avoid her because she's just a typically flaky and mercurial female.
by Doug Has No Boundaries February 19, 2020
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a person that is completely missundersood by every 1 one around them and is usaly upset because no one can understand what they are going through in there life the only thing they can trun to is there music. And may people hold this against them.The fact is they are not always depresed they can be nice happy people.
boy 1-ohh whats that girl doing slightly difffernt to us
boy 2- i dont know wow shes emo
Boy 1- how may emos does it take to change a light bulb
boy 2- none they just sit in teh dark and cry
by emo gril March 19, 2005
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people that are looked down on jsut cuz there different from the rest of the little fuckers that hang around just cuz they listen to emo music and a stereotyped as people who cry all the time..are never happy and constantly slit their rists when really most of them dont and emo people are fun shytt so people just need to stop stereotyping thwem cuz were just misunderstood..
uhh that girl is so emo
she should just go home and cry and cut her wrists..
by hott emo sexx May 7, 2005
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The people you see in supermarkets that seem to think they exist in a vacuum and block the whole aisle, so transfixed by the products on the shelves.

You can sometimes pass by them after saying "excuse me" about the third time.
Guy 1: Dude, he/she sure was a vacuum guy/girl, what's so fascinating about the shampoo aisle anyway?

Guy 2: He/She sure was, he/she seemed genuinely amazed that a busy downtown store actually had other people in it.
by Urban Englander May 23, 2009
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Someone stuck in a 1980's style or thought pattern. Could be a guy with a glam rock T-shirt but could also mean a stockbroker type that celebrates "80's greed and excess" by dressing in a suit, with slicked back hair, and a giant cell phone attached to his ear.
"All he talked about was his Movado. What an 80's guy!"

or 80's guy/girl
by JimNickerson November 8, 2007
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