Too Much Candy
Too Much Cocaine
Too Much Change
Too Much Cash
by GamerBoy13 August 10, 2019
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TMC means Too Much Clout these two kids named Derek Davis and Kwan Johnson are the founders they introduced a new member named TMC Prophet
Person:that new TMC album fire
Drake: I know right
by jahsehs_archive December 27, 2018
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β€œthe money circleβ€œ -est2016
β€œthe money circle we the new cash money bitch”
look at them tmc boys
the money circle bang bitch
by dumbdumb55 November 10, 2017
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TMC (two minute conversation)

An obreviation used for a conversation over text message that normally goes like so:
Person 1) hi
Person2) hey how's you?
Person 1) gd wbu?
Person2) gd wuu2

Person1) nm wbu
Person2) nm

Person1) cool
Person2) yeah

*end of conversation*

Usually occurs when speaking to someone you do not know or have just met on social media.
Person1) I was speaking to this guy last night it turned into a total TMC.

Person2) ughh hate it when that happens.
by Natalia Wills May 17, 2018
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