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A name given to someone who is quite unique. Vikky's don't enjoy escalators. At all. In fact it's like that scene in ELF....everytime...people named Vikky usually have a go-to word which is usually "thing". Vikky(s) are moderately stylish but often bite some style. Overall Vikky(s) are kind, generous, beautiful, and smart (until they forget most things). Vikky(s) also are very list oriented. They tend to keep lists for everything but forget what was on them.
Did you see that Vikky the other day? She stutter stepped on the escalator and made me trip over her.
by Whodoyouthinkthisis December 26, 2014
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The two handed 'victory sign' hand singnal used as a derogatory in the northern UK, equivalent to a two handed 'flip off' in the US- instead of flashing the back of the hands with the middle finger extended, the index and middle fingers (the 'v') are displayed. Rumoured to have originated in medieval times as a taunt in the sense that one might take a man's sword, but he still has his two fingers to draw back his bow, or, opposingly a reference to the battle at Bannockburn (where archers were overwhelmed by mounted swordsmen) that two bows (a more advanced technology at the time) are outmatched by a Scotsman.
A pedestrian crossing a Glasgow street having to jump back to avoid a speeding auto might 'flash the vikkies' at the offending driver's rear window (to be seen via the rear view mirror) to express his displeasure.
by sissywissy June 12, 2005
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