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Bob, will meet you at the library today as discussed @ 3 p.m. NRN

Mary, I love your new hair color. Call me @ home, I want to know more. NRN

Your comment was right on. I wish I had posted it first. NRN

Use NRN at the end of any text message or in an email Subject line to let the recipient know that preceding text finishes the message. Use at any site where you post or reply.
by CSVFFO July 31, 2017
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no reply needed
See you Sunday then and bring Johnny & Jane if you want.


by ecru September 29, 2003
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Not Right Now... short, and easy to type when you aren't at the keyboard and your Instant Messenger is all like "Brrrooop! Brrrooop!"
Beans401: Hey! Check out this video of Harry and Hermoine doing it!

Hogwarts67: nrn!
by Mr Whale Jr November 25, 2005
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N(iggers) R N(ice)
is a black activist group started in Chicago in the late 60s to try to disband theKKK and other white supremist groups.
Numbers reached into the thousands at NRN's peak, but now there are few members left (only about 1,000).
The NRN was a major part of the KKK's demise.
by Joe Dawson June 22, 2005
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