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The Last Pures, the greatest RuneScape clan to ever grace the game. Full of pures with godlike stats and insane amounts of cash money piles. Also known as The Largest Penises, Oprah Winfrey once described them on his/her show as "a group that does not forgive, that does not forget, they have over 9000 penises, and they're all raping children." Surprisingly there is only 150 members in The Last Pures meaning each member has 60 penises.
Ex. 1:
Mayhem Makers Leader: "TLP just asked us for a run in, what do you guys think?"

*throws down teletabs simultaneously*

Ex. 2:
Addy is our daddy.
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A stupid person; it refers to the lack of surface area on an individual's brain. The general thought is that the more surface area (wrinkles, creases, etc.) a brain has, the smarter the person is. Conversely, a person with a smooth brain (no wrinkles) has less surface area and would therefore be stupid.
That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

That smooth brain is dumber than a pile of shit.
by Tip Tank May 14, 2011
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tight little pussy; a pussy so tight that when u finally do get ur dick in, it fits like a glove
"Damn i'd like to slide my dick into mike's sister's tlp," moaned Dan.
by dan durso July 05, 2006
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You should probably wear underwear or you might accidently show your TLP to a crowd of people when you get off a scooter.
by Highlander22 January 22, 2010
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Taiwanese Little Pants. Pertaining to an asian male of Taiwanese descent whose pantalooms are extremely overlysized for his small package.
Damn Brian is a total TLP.
by redman2011 April 28, 2011
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