dude i was at philipes house and he gave me a taco and it turned out it was a tlc. man i was buzzin for the rest of the day.
by rusty fish-hook July 12, 2011
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today is february 2004 and we stil think about you and it's too bad because
we are lost a beautifaul singer

we are always remember you!!!***
by isidora February 12, 2004
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the best female hiphop group of all time - no other group can compare! rest in peace lisa lopes!
we'll miss you, left eye! TLC forever!
by man-killa August 5, 2003
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The extra money you receive from your show on TLC (since most people seem to have those nowadays)
James: Ah! I'm broke, can you lend me a few bucks?
Kate: Yeah, sure. I have a little extra TLC money anyways.
by gandalfscousin December 12, 2012
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Terrorist in a Lab Coat. Refers to someone allowed into the United States from somewhere in West Asia or the Middle East on an H2B visa to do technical work their sponsor is too damn cheap to pay an American with the same qualifications to do.

So-called because some of them experience SJS (also known as Sudden Jihad Syndrome) and decide the best way to share their religious faith with others is to take out a shopping mall full of kids and unarmed women with a Chinese assault rifle or a Korean SUV. First heard on an episode of the television series "ER" (the racist bigot fat guy desk clerk used it to refer to the hot desi chick who was a resident on the show when she first appeared).
"Guess what - the systems analyst slot PeopleHard was interviewing for was just filled by a tlc."
by denver coonass March 19, 2008
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The sexual position in which the guy straddles the girl and sits on her stomach NAKED. From there the guy reaches behind and fingers the girl and the girl gives the guy a hand job and he nuts on her tits.
Did you hear about Jessie and that kid doing the tummy lawn chair?

Dude it's the sweetest sex position ever i sat on her stomach NAKED.
That's the Tummy Lawn Chair (TLC).
by Jimmy Snoop November 15, 2007
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