To quote the legendary Girlband TLC, it means TitLessCrew
(Seeing a bunch of girls without Push-Up bras, naturally large breasts or socks in their bras) "Yooooo,look at that TLC over there"
by Jacblac May 1, 2019
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Translation Checker; term used by novel translators (chinese to english etc)
1.This chapter is TLC-ed by George!

2.I translated the novel to the best of my abilities but it is because Helen is such a good TLC that I could release it so soon.
by Bianca1299 May 29, 2020
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It is for Thai, Laos, Cambodian
Some people will also say “Happy TLC New Years”for a short cut!
by Yeahimthatgirl April 25, 2021
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TV Network made in the 70's It has some stupid people and spoiled brats! Seriously who likes to watch spoiled brats? Go watch some other channels dude!
One day on TLC I saw a spoiled brat and she was like:
Umm... I can get anything with my unlimited money
Do you think you are beautiful?
Yes, I am! Why did you question?
by Creeper9223 January 23, 2021
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My Friend: I want some TLC
Me: Ew Why would you want that?!?
by itsyg July 4, 2018
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T - Tables
L - Ladders
C - Chairs
Professional Wresling event in which the primary matches each contain tables, ladders or chairs as legal weapons.
Tonights TLC match is a tables and chairs match.

Welcome to tonights TLC show.
by BIGBOYWHYS June 4, 2018
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Acronym for several abbreviations, including "Therapeutic Lifestyle Change", "Tender Love and Care" and others. The two possibilities named are the most often used variants.
Person A: "I don't know how to let go of my bad habits."
Person B: "You need some/a TLC. I can recommend some people, if you want."

Person A: "I had an awful week!"
Person B: "You definetely need some TLC! I'll come over this weekend."
by PlatinumInk April 22, 2022
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