"Take Into Consideration All Lives" - As stated by Method Man himself on season 2 episode 1 of Desus & Mero #1 show on late night, ball bags!
Fuck these immigrants. Nah, my guy. TICAL!!
by Skitoles October 17, 2017
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n. a blunt that ass been soaked in syrup or anything else sweet and let dried to later be smoked
Jacob said,"Thats John Blaze," and passed the blunt to Jody while listening to Method Man's first album entitled "Tical."
by Jupiter Armstrong April 17, 2004
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A blunt that has been rolled tightly in syrup, covered in weed, and rolled once again.
I smoked a tical with Method Man.
by dre May 3, 2004
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marijuana, from the native american tribe "tikal".

located in the "Wu-Tang Manual" by The RZA.

A true Wu-Tang fan would know this.
Method Mans song "Tical"

"whats dat shit they be smokin?!??!"


by CREAMMMM October 22, 2009
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No real def, just LacIt
"Owls, Backwoods & Phillies, smokin' sess blunts, mixed with illy, Got me bustin', now the whole world looks dusted,
I'm in the area with the skill that never rusted."
~Method Man~Tical~What The Blood Clot
by bestbeouttahere March 21, 2013
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slang for weed. used by meth
by petey August 23, 2003
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A blunt that has been dipped in PCP. Its Johhny Blaze nigga
What's that shit that you smokin? Tical,Tical,Tical
-Method Man
by ganja boy March 18, 2008
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