An alias of the rapper Method Man. Comes from the Marvel Comics character of the same name, who was apparently pretty badass. (See Johnny Blaze's Wikipedia entry for a full description.) It is a generally positive adjective that can describe the awesomeness of something. Can also be a verb.
"My shit is more John Blaze than that."
by Ruane September 05, 2008
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A reference to extremely hot temperatures. Also, first cousin of Jack Frost.
"Dang!, It's John Blaze outside today!"
by DRM July 18, 2006
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A way of asking someone if they would like to smoke marijuana in the form of an innuendo. (Sounds similar to "Tryna Blaze?")
1. Hey man, John-Blaze tonight back at my place?
2. Did anyone find out if we're meeting up with John Blaze before the concert?
by maxwell_d0wd July 22, 2014
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