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An alias of the rapper Method Man. Comes from the Marvel Comics character of the same name, who was apparently pretty badass. (See Johnny Blaze's Wikipedia entry for a full description.) It is a generally positive adjective that can describe the awesomeness of something. Can also be a verb.
"My shit is more John Blaze than that."
by Ruane September 05, 2008
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Suttin hot and I aint talkin about the temperature. Usually referring to music (specifically Hip Hop/ Rap)
The Notorious B.I.G. - Kick in the door

"This nigga made one album! he makin wild records. That Ready to Die shit... it was iight... it was iight... but ma shit was more John Blaze and shyt na mean!?"
by Dat Nicca D May 07, 2007
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A way of asking someone if they would like to smoke marijuana in the form of an innuendo. (Sounds similar to "Tryna Blaze?")
1. Hey man, John-Blaze tonight back at my place?
2. Did anyone find out if we're meeting up with John Blaze before the concert?
by maxwell_d0wd July 22, 2014
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