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Lucky them...they are THINKERs!
by JezthePuff December 31, 2007
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Getting down on one knee, curling one's wrist to one's chin, and looking up, mimicking the pose of Auguste Rodin's classic sculpture "The Thinker".

(Created by Dave Silverman, reported by Staks Rosch, "Thinkering: The atheist answer to Tebowing", Dec. 30, 2011,
In response to the fundamentalist craze of Tebowing, American Atheists President Dave Silverman has come up with an atheist version called "Thinkering."
Someone commented that the pose looked too similar to Tebowing, to which Silverman responded: "That's the point. The difference is we don't bow our heads in blind submission, rather we consider and conclude for ourselves."
by Grinning Cat February 5, 2012
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A portmanteau of "thinking" and "tinkering". Means to think about something by tinkering with objects relating to the problem under consideration. Usually unguided, exploratory and individual, often a very good way to explore aspects of difficult problems or to find solutions where none are obvious. In other words, an active form of thinking.

Akin to solving a puzzle (like a rubiks cube) by trying to solve it rather than just sitting and staring at it.
Bob is thinkering again, wonder if he'll finally figure out how to get that perpetual motion machine back together again?
by ithacanz September 30, 2010
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Your brain, noodle, mind, grey matter, etc.
That boy ain't right in the head. Something is wrong with his thinker.
by Chrisizzle November 26, 2006
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People who possess the knowledge of sociology, which are beyond the understandings of the common people. They are also called, the Enlightened Ones.
Jean Jacques Rousseau, Francis Marie Arouet(Voltaire), John Locke, Karl Marx, and Buddhism. Also, most of the Atheists.
by Redfury509 June 3, 2005
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The process by which a man takes the position of the "Thinker" statue while masturbating with the forearm or elbow.
I saw some pictures of a hot girl on my computer but I was in my cubicle so I had to give myself a thinker.
by Le Penseur Rodin July 23, 2010
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i had a thinker what if we could go 2 mars on our bikes
by 11red87 August 20, 2008
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