Abbreviation for the Cantonese slang "ta fei kei", which literally translates to 'beating the aeroplane'.

A slang for masturbation.
He likes to TFK in the mornings
by ad45 March 25, 2008
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"That Fuckin' Kid"

The one guy that always asks the dumb question or always tries to go the extra mile and prove how great they are. Usually accompanied by Au Bon Pan or Starbucks. Comes in male and female varieties.
"Mr. Teacher, I understand that 2+2=4, but what if 2+2 didn't equal 4?"

"Timmy, don't be TFK"
by hime6cents November 13, 2015
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TFK= Trust Fund Kid, its all the little 25-35 year old shitheads you see driving luxury cars, sipping lattes and living in the most kick ass apartments in New York, SF, LA, Chicago etc. They basically do not have to work a day in their lives but do so to keep their daddy's happy.
Me - I will like to bone that broad but I drive a Jeep

TFK - no worries, bra, I will lend you my Ferrari and you can drive over to my beach house in Malibu

Me - bet, let me the keys then sucka!
by Trucutu December 7, 2009
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"That f**kin kid." That kid in your classes, no matter how far into your schooling you go, who continually asks dumbass questions and still doesn't get it. Doesn't work to improve themselves in any way. Also tends to hold themselves above their classmates and ostracise themselves.
"Yo did you hear Bobby's question in class yesterday?"

"Yeah, man... He's TFK."
by hime6cents December 16, 2015
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"Som say he tried to finger Kath"


"The Raf the Raf! You know the TFK"
by kizrattt February 4, 2010
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Hey, did you hear that song This is a Call by TFK? It's great!

Dude, I suggest you download a lot of TFK songs.
by NicoleL August 22, 2006
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