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Tactical food break

When you’re too full but not quite finished eating, so you need to take a break.
‘Hold up bro I’m gonna take a tfb’
by Hollyehudson February 12, 2019
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______reasonable guy:
I think that these people need to stop writing bad definitions for
______honest guy:
TFB, my friend. This proud world is forever graced with an abundance of idiots... it's a good thing we're here.
by Meaning July 11, 2006
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Text short hand for "That's F'ing Bulls**t" or "Total F'ing Bulls**t".
Dean: Hey Mattie, how the paper coming along?
Mattie: This paper is TFBS. I can't get 7 pages of non-sense.
by oc tmac May 24, 2010
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TFB: an acronym for The Front Bottoms. The Front Bottoms are an indie rock band consisting of Brian Sella on vocals and guitar, Mat Uychich on the drums, Tom Warren playing bass and Ciaran O'Donnell on the keyboard, guitar, and trumpet. They originate from New Jersey and have been gaining popularity since 2014.
I'm telling you, TFB has the best lyrics, I never get tired of them
(at their concert) "TFB! TFB! TFB! TFB!"
by J.J.Jetplane May 15, 2016
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1. TFB is a fuckin badass quarterback

2. There is a bastard child in existence who happens to be TFB's son.

3. All the women in the world tend to want to suck TFB's dick.

4. TFB is hotter than you and probably could steal your wife.
by Latinx123 February 17, 2008
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