Too Tall To Talk To.

Somebody so statuesque they inspire fear and a total failure of confidence in those around them. Especially applicable to leggy models.
Fuck me, that girl is gorgeous. Have you seen those legs?
Don't even think about it mate, total T5.

She may have been cool, I wouldn't know, I couldn't even talk to her, she was T5...
by Average Heighted Male October 14, 2011
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A clusterfuck. After huge amounts of resources are spent, the result is cumbersome, disorganized, and anticlimactic. Typical of results in government contracting where the product does not resemble what the people need.

Originally derived from Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.
Contractor: Oh my God, this job is a t5. We spent 6 months just waiting to start and now discovered the design is defective.
by Strategic Distraction March 26, 2021
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The hugly popular boy band consisting of five fine gentlemen: The British One, The Bad Boy, The Pretty Boy, Plex (the socialy akward), and Plex's supportive older brother. Their first hit single was pump it up. Their second is move to the groove.
by T'09 July 18, 2009
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t5 tosser is VW van t5 done right up with . lower new wheels , surf stickers on : but the person owning it never goes surfing or camping. Boy racers version of a van
A Done up vw T5 van goes by , in the city miles away form the beach , you say look at that T5 tosser
by vitoman January 22, 2011
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Terry The Terrible Tech Teacher
by Qw r sfv us f November 13, 2019
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