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When an event or a new piece of equipment has been hyped up, had a huge amount of money spent on it and it fails miserably to do what it is supposed to do. Word is in reference to the London Heathrow Terminal 5 fiasco.
Eric: 'Have you seen the new storage system; I've heard it's a Terminal 5 ?'

Geoff: 'Oh yeah mate, just been out to see it, they've got the technician in, it's out of order for the rest of the week!'
by Bobby B Snr March 28, 2008
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The new airport terminal at London Heathrow. Slated because its a total waste of space

A ladies vagina

A cunt
slapper after a night of hardcore sex:
fuckin ell I had a jumbo jet right up my terminal 5 last night

ooooooh what a terminal 5 of a day I have had today
Terminal5, is it? cunt more like
by stainesmassive April 05, 2008
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