Oral Sex/ When a guy dips his balls in a girls mouth while she's laying down
Soul Plane allows lots of T Baggin.
by PrimeTime June 9, 2004
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When a girl gets down and you dip your balls in and out of her mouth like a tea bag. Its the shit.
Yo dudes, me and mah girl were together last night, she got down and T bagged me for a minute before we got to the real stuff.
by Fidam August 29, 2005
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When a buddy passes out drunk and you place your nuts gently on his forehead.
We took some mad pictures of the homies T Baggin Tommy last night! One lump or two, biatch?
by LilStinky November 16, 2005
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A practice in video games usually shooters where one person kills another, walks over to their corpse then crouches over that persons head thus "teabaggin".

See also "corpse humping"
Matt shotgunned James, crouched over his head and yelled "T Baggin". -usually "tbagged".
by HaloGuy September 12, 2005
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To place the testicles on each side of the nose while dipping the spoon handle (penis) into the cup (mouth).
My honey loves T Baggin.
by Chew January 20, 2006
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Laying one's testicles on another persons eyelids.
I deposited my testicle onto a stranger's eyelid while he was slumbering on a park bench.
by Rayan August 20, 2005
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