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In multiplayer FPS games, to repeatedly crouch on or "hump" the dead body of the person you just killed. Is pretty much pointless, but fun if you want to piss off the other guy.
Red: Hump-hump-hump! *humps corpse*
O'Malley: I'm being violated!
by Cortana Dragoon July 13, 2005
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To show dead opponent that you now own his ass.
Someone bobbing up and down a dead body in a FPS and screaming anything from the run of the mill “Oh I fuckin pwned you!” to more interesting, “But why is all the rum gone?? Cuz your sucking dez rocks!!” So have fun with it and taunt the hell out of the n00b you just pwned and let him know what you think of him as your Corpse Humping his lifeless body.
by Jake June 17, 2006
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While playing HALO multiplayer, after you kill a member of the other team, proceed to stand over the corpse and click the duck button multiple times. To others it appears that you are humping the corpse which will piss of the person you corpse humped.
by PMadd March 19, 2004
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Delivering repeated attacks to an opponent after they have been KO'd in a Soul Caliber II match.
Dude... did you see Stickboy corpse-humping Taki after she went down? That was just wrong
by Mugsy October 01, 2003
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