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Systemism is a philosophy founded by a young, California born, aspiring philosopher by the name of Dakota Spann.

The First Tenant of Systemism is:

Every conscious entity with the ability to feel both happiness and non-happiness logically has from thence a direct, intrinsic and unalienable purpose to pursue the former.

The Second Tenant of Systemism is:

The way in which happiness can be most logically obtained is through an integrated system on an individual's environment which applies the desired outcome of the first tenant universally. That is, a system which causes the most happiness for every individual contained within it.

The Basic Statement of Systemism:

Happiness is purpose and knowing how to best obtain it is morality.
Systemism is the base for a truly civil society.
by my_name_is_Freedo March 07, 2010
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Systemism is an extension of Ethical Egosim which not only states that an individual's own personal pleasure ought to be their highest goal, but also adds that the pleasure of others has a large positive effect on their own pleasure.

Systemists pursue the pleasure of others for their own sake.
According to Systemism: Kindness is selfishness and selfishness is righteousness.
by The_Optimist September 27, 2010
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