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This module song has excellent techno synth samples.
by AYB September 14, 2003
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1. A synthetic organism, or "synth", is a being that is wholly or mostly robotic, like an android. A synth can be humanoid or animal-like. Coined from the 2015 Bethesda game, Fallout 4.

2. A person who seems so perfect or robotic, they could be mistaken for a synthetic person.
1. "We have to watch out, because I hear that scientists are making synths to replace real people."

2. "Have you seen those Property Brothers? They seem too masculine and perfect. They're pretty much Canadian synths.
by DiddlyDerp February 14, 2016
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Short for synthesizer, a synth is a keyboard-type intstrument that can be programmed to play any type of sound imaginable. Most commonly, synths are programmed to sound like electronic keyboards. Used properly, as by Pete Townsend or Rich Wright synths can be pleasing and add depth to a song. However, used improperly, synths can make a song sound cheesy, for example, like in much eighties music.
1. Baba O' Riley's probably the best song ever! The synth melody is awesome!
2. Did you hear "The Final Countdown" by Europe? Those synths made me want to throw up!
by Laffin Boy April 13, 2007
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short for synthesizer the most badass instrument ever.
the korg ms-20 will fry your brain for real
by dubpl8s January 06, 2004
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An instrument you sure can play.
Neighbor: The fuck.

Hip: I buyed a synth MICROKORG XL I love experimenting U jelly?

Neighbor: Enough.
by Gemmellaro April 24, 2011
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