The most fucking irritating thing that can happen on a calculator. You press all these numbers and you THINK it's the right button to press but really the calculator's been LYING to you and you've really fucked up big time, but it waits until you've pressed the = button and then it flashes with 'Syntax error' which is basically calculator talk for "FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKED IT! NOW THE REST OF THE CLASS CAN ADVANCE TO QUESTION TWENTY-THREE WHILST YOU ARE STILL TRAPPED AT TWENTY-TWO, YOU INADEQUATE CALCUATOR-USER! I HATE ALL YOU STAND FOR AND YOUR WAY OF LIFE!" etc etc.
Jill was in her Maths class and she was working out a really hard equation involving logorithms and algebra n shit on her CALCULATOR. She had put in all the numbers and just pressed the = button when BAM! SYNTAX ERROR.

Jill: Fuck!

Jack: What?

Jill: Syntax error!

Jack: Fuck! Oh well, you'll just have to redo all your work. No biggie.

Jill: No biggie my ass! I'll kill you! I'll kill all of you!
by funkie_chick87 October 16, 2005
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A trash human being pretending to be a cat on discord
by MrMango#1172 March 8, 2020
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A syntax is a script, a certain script in a website HTML or sometimes a programme java or whatever, that is wrong or not valid.
My computer picked up a syntax error, and it could not open the page.

A script and hyperlink was not valid on this page.
by k's May 21, 2005
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If your life is a ''Syntax Error'' ie you are labelled a ''mistake'' by society you may be called a ''Syntax Error'' - a common error in scientific calculators.
Person A: ''I've lost by wallet... Again!''
Person B: ''Well, you're definitely and Syntax Error!''
by Babylon Tower March 29, 2015
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The most FUCKING ANNOYING THING in coding ever, when you type a one thousand + line program and you try to run it but there is a tiny typo and you rage quit because you can't find the typo
I uninstalled Windows Visual Studio© because I got a syntax error when I ran my program
by LtHammer July 2, 2015
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A Syntax Error is when you approach a seemingly good-looking woman in hopes off getting some ass. However when you are within close proximity to her you realize she is in fact ugly, fat, or both.
I wasn't wearing my glasses when I went to get that girls phone number. I thought she was cute, but my friends informed me that I had made Syntax Error.
by Original Polish Gangster January 20, 2005
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