Sylvania is right outside of the shithole city of Toledo, OH. It is mostly upperclass bitches who think they are better than everyone else. If you do not grow up in Sylvania wearing brand name clothes, you will probably never fit in. They have some of the biggest drug abusing, drunk, and slutty high schoolers around. Sylvania is an amazing place to party though, most parents usually supply their kids alcohol. If you are not a preppy white rich kid, you mind as well move on with your life. Sylvania is pretty much Mean Girls, except everyone is a "plastic". It's a very pretty city to look at, and people say they love it. But mostly the kids mooch off their parents for everything and the parents are totally naive of the terrible things the kids are doing. They somehow manage to have a good education system, but most of the sports suck. If you are thinking about transferring your kids from any other district while they are in jr high or high school, DON'T! They will come out hating their life with no friends. Sylvania kids do not adapt well to change. If you want to raise a family here, just be prepared for your children to either be A) total outcasts or B) slutty drug abusing drunks.
Mom can I have a party this weekend?

Sure what kind of alcohol would you like?

Man I can't wait to party in Sylvania, they have all the best weed and liquor around!
by bonjourbabyy June 1, 2011
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Lovely city and township just outside Toledo, OH. Mostly middle class people live here. They're friendly and good to be around. We have great schools. We have wonderful parks and rec facilities like Pacesetter Park (great sports facility for soccer, baseball, lacrosse, kites). Tamo-Shanter is there for hockey and ice skating. If you're into fossils, you can see one of only two prime Devonian Era sites on the entire planet here at Fossil Park. You'll also see lots of beautiful trees in this city like maples, oaks, flowering pears, crabs, cherries & apples. You can see most of them at Stranahan Arboretum in the township. There's Olander Park for fishing, swimming and exercise. There's a wonderful little downtown area with cute shops, historical museum with a train depot and old school house. Nice housing and good neighborhoods. Couple of historical buildings that used to be underground railroad stations during the 1800's. The population is mostly Caucasian, but there's a smattering of all races and religions. There are few, if any, issues with race or religion is this area. We all just get along. The weather is beautiful from April through October ranging from the 50's to the 80's with occasional ups and downs. The winters are cold and can be cloudy with snow off and on. Good city services keep the roads clean and safe. Glad to be here.
Sylvania is a great place to live and work.
by n8trlvr December 8, 2010
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A depressing suburb of Toledo. It is full of shallow residents who's smug can be smelled in the air from 40 miles away. Once you've met a Sylvania resident, you've met pretty much all of them. There is no structured activity outside of sports related functions and binge drinking. It's school systems are beyond disfunctional. The only thing their schools praise is sports, because there is nothing else worth speaking of. The residents claim it is a diverse culture but most everyone sticks with one small social group among their own ideals and beliefs. There is an immense drug problem. Shady hoodlums can be seen walking the streets at all times of the day. I don't recommend starting a family here, unless you send your children to a private school.
If you are not a chizzled meathead, you will not enjoy Sylvania. Move away.
by Wesley Doodle July 30, 2011
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Stuck up kids who love to get drunk every weekend and buy the poorest vodka and drink natty. Also love to go to highschool sporting events drunk and usually get caught but will still party in diversion
"Hey wanna go get drunk later and fuck some sluts"
"Of course i mean we are Sylvania Kids"
by Rmoebi February 11, 2014
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