1 definition by Wesley Doodle

A depressing suburb of Toledo. It is full of shallow residents who's smug can be smelled in the air from 40 miles away. Once you've met a Sylvania resident, you've met pretty much all of them. There is no structured activity outside of sports related functions and binge drinking. It's school systems are beyond disfunctional. The only thing their schools praise is sports, because there is nothing else worth speaking of. The residents claim it is a diverse culture but most everyone sticks with one small social group among their own ideals and beliefs. There is an immense drug problem. Shady hoodlums can be seen walking the streets at all times of the day. I don't recommend starting a family here, unless you send your children to a private school.
If you are not a chizzled meathead, you will not enjoy Sylvania. Move away.
by Wesley Doodle July 30, 2011
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