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Lovely city and township just outside Toledo, OH. Mostly middle class people live here. They're friendly and good to be around. We have great schools. We have wonderful parks and rec facilities like Pacesetter Park (great sports facility for soccer, baseball, lacrosse, kites). Tamo-Shanter is there for hockey and ice skating. If you're into fossils, you can see one of only two prime Devonian Era sites on the entire planet here at Fossil Park. You'll also see lots of beautiful trees in this city like maples, oaks, flowering pears, crabs, cherries & apples. You can see most of them at Stranahan Arboretum in the township. There's Olander Park for fishing, swimming and exercise. There's a wonderful little downtown area with cute shops, historical museum with a train depot and old school house. Nice housing and good neighborhoods. Couple of historical buildings that used to be underground railroad stations during the 1800's. The population is mostly Caucasian, but there's a smattering of all races and religions. There are few, if any, issues with race or religion is this area. We all just get along. The weather is beautiful from April through October ranging from the 50's to the 80's with occasional ups and downs. The winters are cold and can be cloudy with snow off and on. Good city services keep the roads clean and safe. Glad to be here.
Sylvania is a great place to live and work.
by n8trlvr December 8, 2010
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