Sydney is someone who you can always trust. Her outgoing attitude may make you think otherwise, but she never tells anything. She is gorgeous. Occasional freckles, brown eyes, brunette, sexy body, tan, and perfect. BEAUTIFUL smile. Her positive attitude and radiance can brighten anyone's day. Being single is her thang. Once you hurt her, you are done. And if she isn't accepted, she doesnt care. She doesnt point out flaws, because she finds no point. She makes wise decisions. People around her encourage her to do bad things, but she has never accepted. She has more common sense than anyone. Is a big reader. But tries to excell in school even if its hard. Generally a soccer or volleyball player, modest about her incredible skill and speed. Can kick your a$$ and doesnt give payback only if it is 100% needed. Really funny. She is so confident and secure about herself that her amazing personallity just comes with the package. Dont get on her bad side, trust me. NEVER make the mistake of losing her because she is really hard to get back. Ideal for Long-Term relationships, and does only what is needed. Whoever meets her, automattically falls head over heels.
She is perfect in every way, and if you dont believe this...than im sorry, you're an idiot.
That girl over there is amazing. She must be a Sydney.
by dropitlikeitshawtt June 23, 2011
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Sydney is beautiful. She very very very sarcastic but when you need her to be she is serious. She doesn't care what people think of her so if you don't like just tell her. She is good at sports mostly soccer and basketball, she got one bad-ass kick so if you fuck her out your screwed. She may not be the most popular but she hangs out with one of the most popular girls and is loved by everyone but doesn't know it. She is loving and prefers serious relationships- don't ever cheat on Sydney she will get back at you in one way or another. Sydney has a wide vocab of naughty words that she will shout in public at you not matter who hears. She isn't afraid to stand up to people and tell them whats on her mind. If she doesn't like you, you know it. Shes just all around peachy. She is tall usually tall, light brown hair (almost blond) with a tiny bit of red in it, she has little eyes that are hazel but prettiest when the turn green, she doesn't have the best teeth but her beautiful face makes up for that. Sydney s are usually amazing and everyone wants to be friends with her. She not shy like she used to be and will let anyone be her friend as long as they want to be. She has huge tits that she gets used for a lot. Anyone would be lucky to be friends with Sydney. Shes got rocken hair and skin. She really doesn't have an ass. She is the straw-to my- berry.
See that girl over there
Yeah Shes beautiful
That's my girl Sydney imma gonna ask her out
Dude you lucky son of a bitch don't you ever do anything to hurt her
I won't shes too good for that..... and me

Wow whos that?
Oh thats Sydney
Shes hot and has some big ass tits
She hates when people say that
Well shes beautiful
by garlic-salt..... December 05, 2011
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Sydneys'; are beauts. pretty hair and a smile that brightens up any room, hasss a jungle booty ,but don't get too excited sydney looks are deciveing. sydneys can give one of the meanest dirty looks you've ever witnessed and they will fuck you up,even men. So beware,bitches.
matt: "omg Sydney is hott, but she looks kinnda mean.."
dude: "worrrrrrd nigga"
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Awesome Unique Person, Who is my best friend practically Sister.
In the future, if were not Best friends anymore,

Dont forget me -Keila
Sydney; I wana wear bunny ears to school today!
Me; Why? It's not even Easter.
Sydney; Why not =)
by ItsCookiesAndKay April 29, 2011
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A very beautiful, out-going girl. Her love is one you'll never find again, but it's extremely difficult to control. She is in-love with only one person, but her heart tends too wander towards other men as well. She's very hard to keep balanced, but if you can find just the right touch, it's the most amazing feeling in the world. If you offend her though, she won't tell you. Instead she'll hold it inside and use all her time too destroy you. Be careful
1.Very beautiful
3.Very combustable
by ViperC July 02, 2012
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A beautiful, talented girl with the voice of a mermaid/songbird/angel/otherthingwithamazingvoice and she usually takes her pleasures with peanutbuttercup pie from Bakers Square. Delicious.
Woah, did you hear that Sydney? She must of knocked Dr. Brown's sock off.

Yeah, I'm friends with Sydney. No big deal. You're just super jealous.

by bakerssquare August 08, 2011
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a quirky, clumsy, weird, funny, beautiful, tempting, aluring, sexual, suggestive, soccer ass-kicking brunette chicka.

the only way to be.
Dude, that girl is so Sydney.

I was I was as Sydney as her.
by yourimagination. July 07, 2010
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