A person who loves all the haters on this website. Swope is when you are the shit and you know it and don't give a fuck. Swope is when you all you do is win. Swope is when you jock hard and frat harder.
Pledge 1: I wanna be like that brother one day.

Pledge 2: Dude your so right he's on total Swope mode
by frattaholic December 14, 2010
To completely unnecesarily and quite unapologetically royally fuck over an innocent (and oftentimes, extremely moral, religious, gregarious, considerate, dutiful and helpful) person for absolutely no reason other than either one's own personal amusement or sheer laziness. Named after landlord Paul Swope.
When fraternity brothers Terry, Jason L., Jason K., Andy & Brad lived at Chester Street, the toilet got clogged up one day. But each of us was far too lazy to fix it, or just simply call the landlord, Paul Swope. So we kept using the toilet until it was filled to the brim. When it got to the point we had to go Burger King across the street to use a bathroom, we finally told Swope about the problem. When he came over and saw the mess, he was understandably disgusted, entirely perplexed and justifiably pissed off. But turning the other cheek as his pious Christian upbringing commanded him, he dutifully plunged the toilet, cleaned the entire bathroom mess and left us a good-natured humorous note which read "Thank you for allowing me to humble myself by cleaning your toilet of excrement, as I had nothing better to do today. In the future, may I suggest that you not place a family size bar of Ivory soap on the toilet. Or, if this is impossible to refrain from, then to simply not continue to use the toilet when it is obvious it's clogged." When we all stopped laughing uproariously, we then found that he had even brought over his wife's homemade freshly baked cookies as a peace offering which would hopefully curb our boorish behavior. Despite this, Terry continued to bounce rent checks on him (and Officer Kwong). DAMN, DID WE SWOPE THAT GUY!
by BradK February 6, 2013
keyhill-dude let me run to the store and get some food real quick

swope-dude why the fuck would you run, just drive you idiot!
by sdkljfgf October 22, 2010
When someone has swag and is dope.

They are to swag and dope to be qualified as either one, so you call them this word.
Bob: "Kyle's a pretty dope guy!"
Eric: "He's got some swag too!"
Bob: "Let's just say he's freakin swope!"
Eric: "Haha, yeah, he's swope!!"
by SwagMeisterG1001 January 28, 2014
A complete and total loser. A guy/girl that tries like hell, has a lot of heart, and still manages to be a douche bag.
Michael finally had the chick of his dreams, a bisexual supermodel with an identical twin sister, but when they got in the bedroom, he blew his load before he could even drop his pants. What a fuckin' swope!
by PimpOmatic July 18, 2003
A prison in which the prisoners are subjected to many types of painful torture, mainly aurals. This is a prison for people who like to work until they break down and have to go to therapy. The only way to get through this place is to inhale the paint fumes from the freshly painted walls so your so high you don't know that your being tortured. It makes chinese water torture more fun than six flags.
"I can't hang out with my friends this weekend or really ever cause Swope is taking over my life!!"
by MadHatter123 August 21, 2008
Swope is the dude that has the flow and is sweet. Swope doesn't give a fuck about haters. Swope slays. Swope has experienced sex many time and is an expert. Swope can twerk. Swope professionally competes in twerk offs. Yet Swope is really fat and tall.
Swope twerked very hard
by Swggygirl February 4, 2015