Cool, awesome, rad, chill
Hey I like the cat sweater it's swingin

Dude swingiin party last night
by Johns3n April 8, 2016
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where you and your homies happen to be hanging out on said day
yo jj where we swingin it?
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A northeast slang originated from connecticut ghettos

meaning to stop frontin or ignoring someone of less
interest in you or to ignore someone
1.yoo see dude he keep swingin on dudes

2. ey ma stop swingin and come holla!!
by Killa Da B September 14, 2006
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US Navy and Marine Corps reference to a dude, a man, a male of the human species. Often used plurally.
"I didn't get no ass on liberty. It was a sausage fest, nothin' but swingin' dicks!"
by Mister Priapus June 2, 2005
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Freeballin. When a guy goes without underwear in shorts that show his vpl (visible penis line) or his dick is visibly flopping around. It's especially common among jocks at the gym, or when playing basketball or volleyball.
Poof: Damn, all those boys are free swingin!
by Jackson 5 August 31, 2006
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Refers literally to a man, but specifically to someone whose skills or physical stature make him especially intimidating. A badass. Can be used metaphorically to refer to a woman, as long as she is a total badass at something.

There is a common misconception that this term refers to any male because it references the male organ, but the more important part of the term is "swingin'." That is, not just any man, but an especially potent or imposing man. Hence, a badass.
1) As in No Country for Old Men: "Call my room if anybody comes in--and by 'anybody' I mean any swingin' dick."

2) A: "Did you read that new Judith Butler article? She totally destabilizes the regime's reinscription of normative typologies."

B: "Yeah, she's a swingin' dick when it comes to critique. Also, stop talking like a d-bag."
by MosheMoshe May 6, 2011
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I keep bruising my sack with my swingin' steak when I walk.
by EH of HB November 5, 2007
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