A greek person who has a large penis and swings it around in an act of flamboyancy.
John Stamos, Criss Angel or Aristotle are all swinga's
by Swingga November 23, 2008
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1. -noun: A mega-beast that is probably one of the best tanks in all of RuneScape, with a giant penis and a small ego.

2. -adjective: A word used to describe how awesome, badass, and good looking someone is.
1. Man, that Swinga dude is tanking us to SHIT@@

2. That guy is so bad effing ass he's like a Swinga.
by Aaronhand August 29, 2009
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An obvious slut / slurry/ ganga/ lowie/whore/ appealing girl who usually hangs out at Marconi on a Friday night, since Roxy had gone to shits.
Also pronounced as sah-wing-ah to emphasise how whorish she really is.
*girl walks past*
(one of the boys): Whaddah sah-wing-ah!(swinga)
by ROLF April 28, 2008
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