A mans worst nightmare when he see’s a real hot girl
He gets out of the pool

Well shit

It has to show through these swimming trunks
by Now I have large July 14, 2019
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Shorts for swimming/water activities. Primarily worn by males. Also refered to simply as trunks.
"Boys, put on your swim trunks; we're heading to the outdoor pool this afternoon."
by David Robson June 26, 2006
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A.k.a. thighs --- a guy can temporarily hide his "junk" by tucking it back behind him and then pressing his thighs together, so that he is at least a little more "decent" if he's unexpectedly "caught in the buff".
A gal doesn't really have much of anything particularly "obvious" to hide "down there", so she wouldn't need built-in swimming-trunks; now, if only she had something "up top" to hide da "baby-feeders" in an emergency... I guess her arms and hands can sometimes adequately suffice, although that is usually only effective if she's fairly "small" in the "girly" department.
by QuacksO August 18, 2018
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