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A combination of the word swimming, and incest.
When people on your swim team date each other, or date ones siblings. Different variations include, dating multiple people on the team at different times or dating someone on the team that a different team member has alread dated.
Emily-Omg did you hear the news at practice today?

Andrew- No! What happened?

Emily- Well Erin and Dylan broke up and now Dylan is dating Mandy while Caroline (Erins sister) is dating Dylans best friend Taylan.

Andrew- Dude, thats total swimcest.
by catchagrenadeforya February 27, 2011
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Two members of the same swim team start dating (and or hooking up), probably due to the large amount of time spent almost naked together.

Leads to awkwardness and potentially someone quitting the swim team when they break up.

It's a combination of the words "swimming" and "incest" because a swim team is like a huge family and most swimmers consider each other to be brothers and sisters.
Cassie and Dave have been on the same swim team for 3 years then they started dating. Totally swimcest.

Annie quit the swim team after Joe broke up with her! Swimcest only leads to trouble.
by candy_hearts_13 April 15, 2011
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When a member of the men's swim dates or hooks up with a member of the women's swim team.

The sweet love between a swimbro and a swimho.
Swimbro 1: Did you know that spencer and lindsey are dating now?
Swimbro2: Like this team needed any more swimcest
by lionwithanax March 23, 2011
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1. members of a swim team having sexual relations (including but not limited to a male swimmer putting his p in a female swimmer's v). this often comes from being sloppy drunk.

2. any swimmer having a fleshy union with another swimmer, regardless of team affiliations. usually comes from the fact that swimmers, although mostly nuts and masochistic by nature, are around nearly naked people for 2-5 hours a day.

3. not a very good idea. keep those jammers on and let those lanelines always divide you.
Swimmer 1: Dude, I am really into one of the freshman divers. Would that count as swimcest?

Swimmer 2: I don't think so, but you better stick to volleyball players, just in case.
by jack11111334 March 01, 2010
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Sexual relations with in a swim team, can include but not limited to DFMs. This is due to the fact that swimmers are basically naked together every day.

May be looked down upon by outsiders, but normal to those within the swimming world.
"I hooked up with John last night, but all we did was make out, does that count as swimcest?"
by CollegeAthlete22 December 19, 2010
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The sexual acts between the male and female swim team at NYU.
"Yo, fucking a girl on the swim team is like masturbating, it doesn't even count." -Captian John of the NYU Swim Team
by breaststroker May 08, 2005
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The act of commuting incestuous acts while in the swimming pool, kiddy pool or hot tub.
Ewh, she's nasty she has swimcest
by CalebWilliamPoland August 07, 2016
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