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Taylan is funny and witty and you couldn't ask for a better friend. He'll stick by you, always make you smile, and won't abandon you. You can tell how much he likes when he can make others happy. He's really good looking and has great taste in music. He's naturally good at sports, especially lacrosse, and is really fast. He remembers inside jokes and details about you and he's definitely not easy to forget. He's got a bit of a wild side and doesn't always follow the rules, but it only makes him more fun. Taylan is the kind of friend you keep for life. 💚
"I was sad the other day so I called Taylan and he made me laugh and feel a lot better"
by 13L13 December 02, 2013
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person 1: omg did u see that guy named Taylan? he caused 911
person 2: OMG No way! it is him
by Zedies October 14, 2018
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