Nickname given to people called sweetness. Refers to being sweet and kind to everyone. The guy all girls want to date. The guy that dates all the girls.
That guy is so cute, he must be sweet sweet. Aka tor tor's best friend.
by thetrueUchia November 22, 2010
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A sweet sweet is the name given to a girl that is worthy of your love bone

A more innocent girl who you'd want to have a relationship with

Not a whore
Shelby was a perfect sweet sweet until she started blacking out and getting fucked...
The bungie boys are on the sweet sweet hunt! Look out!
by chalovah February 28, 2017
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Refers to a the genitals and sexual fluids of either gender
Timothy: Would you like to swallow my sweet-sweetness my dear?

Geri: Oooooo my sweet-sweetness is so wet for you!
by TimothyRainbow August 13, 2011
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You use it in a way like that's a sweet sweet chocolate bar
British dude- is that septiplier
British dude-dude that's sweet sweet
by Bigrod69 January 5, 2017
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Noun: The arch rival and nemesis of Ballsy Marge. She was made to balance the world. Without Sweet, Sweet Heidi, Ballsy Marge would be able to roam rampant and free. Sweet, Sweet Heidi is the archetype of everything that is good and altruistic (and she's probably ridiculously hot).
God, I'm glad Sweet, Sweet Heidi is here to make the party better. Ballsy Marge was being a bitch and flipping tables over and hitting everyone in the nuts.
by xXKAPPAkappaKAPPAXx October 5, 2009
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