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Noun: A beast of a woman (we think?) that stalks the halls of Stevenson College. She is a legend both inside and outside of the bedroom. If everyone is too big of a pussy to do something incredibly stupid or disgusting, Ballsy Marge was the go-to person. She's done some crazy shit that most of us wouldn't be proud of.
Example 1: Ballsy Marge was the first person to climb Tree 9. She then proceeded to jump down onto a freshman and crush him to death. She looked the kid's parents straight in the eye and said "It wasn't me." Then she fucked the parents. Fucking ballsy.

Example 2: Ballsy Marge is ballsy enough to shower in the suicide chamber. Every day. She gave the shower stall that name because anyone tough enough to shower in that stall ended up committing suicide.
by xXKAPPAkappaKAPPAXx October 05, 2009
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