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Sweet Cheese is a phrase meaning "okay," or "cool."
Roommate: "Hey man, the leftover ramen from last night is in the fridge."

You: "Sweet cheese!"
by Caillou the Fireman March 12, 2017
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a US delicacy consisting of a mouthful of cheese popcorn with 2 or 3 carmel corn pieces added
put sweet cheeses in my hand
by cap'n gar September 26, 2003
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vaginal discharge-cervical mucus-crotch snot...its a white, clearish substance which comes out of girls vagina. Often looks like cottage cheese or rubber sement. It has a sent like old moldy cheese or rotten eggs.

might stain your undies too =)
Franchesca please go wipe your vagina, sweet cheese is coming out.

Dude i fingered a girl last night and i got all this sweet cheese on my finger.

i'm so wet down their, i need nice pantyliner so i don't feel the sweet cheese
by Alexadria March 22, 2007
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