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Sweck or “sweaty back,” usually presents itself as a big disgusting sweat stain on one’s back. Sweck has been known to cause body odor, friend loss, and regrettable hugs.
“Aren’t you going to hug her goodbye?”

“Wouldn’t be right man, I’ve had some major sweck all day. Don’t wanna put her through that.”
by FrankieFunBubbles December 10, 2014
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A combination of the words “sweat” and “back.” Sweck is generally regarded as one of the worst forms of perspiration. Sweck does not discriminate; it is a plight all mankind must endure.
One day the miracles of modern medicine will allow us to conquer sweck once and for all. Until then, don’t wear grey.
by Ashley Vee December 10, 2014
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When one’s back sweats so much it creates an observable dark spot on their clothing. Normally accompanied by hurried walks to the bathroom to change into a new shirt and desperate explanations like, “No, this isn’t sweat- a homeless man urinated on me on my way in this morning.”
Dude, laundry day again?”

“I go through 18 shirts a week man. This sweck situation is killing me.”
by foodie13 December 10, 2014
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A quick kiss given by your significant other that contains more emotion than any make out kiss or on screen gloober. This is a kiss that stops everything and simply reminds you why you are with this person. They make you feel perfect.
When your day is going horribly and in the midst of your running nose and dripping soggy eyes, you receive a sweck. The most calming and comforting, perfect kiss.
by My Belinda October 19, 2008
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